Enclosing a Garage

When your family grows bigger, it requires that you get extra space to enable you to accommodate all the family members well. The first thought that one will have is how he or she can turn the garage into a room that can be used by the family. Not every person has the ability to set a garage into an appropriate space that can be used by the family.

One should know the steps to take to enclose the garage excellently. The following is a step by step procedure that you can use to enclose your garage at home so that you have one extra room to accommodate your increasing family.

Coming up with a blueprint
The first step that you need to put in place is coming with a design that will guide you through the whole process. You need to draw an action plan so that you know all the steps that you will take during the project. You also need to know all the resources that you will need to enclose the garage so that you do not waste a lot of time trying to get the items during the project. You also need to go to the relevant authorities so that you know the permits you need to start the work. This is to ensure that you follow all the legal requirements as required by the government.

Remove the door of the garage
Once you have the entire plan and all the documents and permits that relate to such a construction, you should go ahead and remove the door. The garage door cannot be used as a wall. It is the first thing that you have to remove so that you fill up space with an appropriate wall of your choice. You can choose to use a concrete wall to fill the space. Another option that you can use French doors with wooden lining. The decision to use windows will depend on whether you need the space to have a door or not. If you do not need any door for the new area, you can add windows on the wall structure.

Work on the interior of the room
Once you have completely covered the space with the option you chose, the next step is to work on the interior of the room. You can make wooden frameworks that you can use to build the interior walls. The function of the room will determine the number of the interior will you will need. You have to ensure that the framework fits from the floor to the ceiling of the room.

Finish up work on the walls and the ceiling
At this point, you are already done with covering the garage door; you have insulated the outside wall with drywall. The next step is to paint the room. The type of paint to use will also depend on the purpose of the room. Once this is done, you can go ahead and mud the walls to remove any marks that are visible. The ceiling, in most cases, does not need any attention. You can as well decide to paint them. Once you have followed all the steps following in enclosing an existing garage, your room will be ready for use.



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