Bathrooms: Worth it to add one?

Bathroom redesign is among the most preferred home development projects for homeowners. The project adds comfort to the home, while enhancing its value. Most homeowners are aware of the added value that can be achieved by implementing this project. This amount is variable, depending on the condition of each house.

The value added as a result of the modified bath depends on two factors: the general state of the house and the extent of the modification. For example, if the old house needs other important modifications, the bathroom modification alone will not have a significant impact on the total value of that home. In fact, the bathroom may be modified in this little house or without adding to its value.

In contrast, if the house is already in good condition the value significantly increases by remodeling its bathroom. When selling a home with a modern kitchen, recent plumbing/electric and updated interior design you might expect to recover about eighty percent of your initial investment. It means that an average bath costing you a thousand dollars will add up to eight hundred dollars to the price of the house.

You can get the maximum value added to your home if it is redesigned to include an additional bathroom, which was not present earlier. In this case, the value added is different with each project. Building a bath within the current area will result in a different result than an addition on your home which includes square footage and a bathroom.

If you want to add a bath to your current home, the most profitable option would be to make it the main bathroom if possible – and if there isn’t one already in the home. Typically, homeowners fancy having a dedicated main bathroom. Makes selling your home easier and gets you maximum returns. In fact, experts consider this kind of remodeling to provide the best value for money spent on re-. Often, you’re likely to get 100% redesign costs.

Although the design of the main bathroom within the current home is profitable, most homeowners are unable to provide the space needed. For this reason, they often use the option to include an additional bath. Maximum value can be added when creating a master bath or bath suite. However, building an additional bathroom may bring you back to approximately 96% of the expenses incurred. By including a full master bath, you may even get 100% of the expenses incurred in the value of your home.

You will get more than what you need. The ratio will be based on the project. Adding a bath to the current square footage will result in different proportions than the build.

When you add a bath to your current home, the most profitable projects the owners prefer are comfort in a custom bathroom, that was more than that and easy shopping. In fact, this kind of bathroom remodeling by. In most cases, you can expect a 100% return on the restructuring cost. In other words, for every $ 1,000 spent on restructuring, $ 1000 is added to your home.

The bath area can be great. Compare the reasons, again, to be a master bedroom complete. However, just simply increase its size by 96% of the initial investment. If you add a full master group, you may see up to 100% of the added cost to your home value.


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Kitchen Redesigns

Your kitchen is one of the most desirable places where you need to make desirable appearance and arrangements so that you can feel maximum comfort when preparing your meals. The kitchen should also be made to accommodate all your kitchen appliances foodstuff, desirable cabinets and also provide adequate space for you to cook and move with ease. Things to consider when redesigning your kitchen vary from different individual needs and this is why you find that customized kitchens becoming more popular. Redesigning your kitchen must not be expensive or have to expense you a lot.

Here are some of the major things to consider.

The budget
Your budget matters a lot as you have to consider your pocket so that you may install your desirable features. Take your time and determine the most desirable features that you need at first hand. It is better if you use a guide that can help you manipulate your budget to fit your needs. If you don’t have any skills, you can approach an expert professional who can guide you to obtain your needs within your budget. Sometimes you find that you can’t get what you need at your budget, this is the time you may need to consider replacing the most expensive features with cheaper products.

The Cabinets
The cabinets are most desirable products that bring the impression you need in your kitchen. The cabinets can offer you the most desirable looks that can attract everyone to admire your kitchen. To get the most exclusive ideas about your kitchen cabinets, you can look at online magazines that display different styles of kitchen. You can create a variety to compare such a mix of solid cabinets, open shelves or glass doors. You can also look at some textured glass, translucent glass panels and any other option available that may suit your needs perfectly. Hanger cabinets and upper cabinets are also another interesting ideas when redesigning your kitchen.

The Counters
Countertops come in various materials such as granite and quartz which are strong and can withstand very hot items for chopping foodstuff on top. Steel is another popular material for making counters as it is indestructible and provides highest levels of hygiene. Another option is the limestone and marble but they are not durable and porous thus requiring frequent sealing but you can choose the dark color to hide stains. You can also choose wood countertops as wood can warm up your kitchen favorably. You can also opt for laminate countertops as they are durable and provide solid surfaces for working.

Appliances also make an integral part of your kitchen, so you have to choose the best appliances that your needs and family. You can visit an appliance showroom and get the best idea on which kitchenware products you can choose. You will find appliances with different features at different prices. Therefore, you need to purchase from a friendly store that minds your pocket. It is always good to purchase appliances that suit your impression when redesigning your kitchen.

You now have the best ideas when it comes to redesigning your kitchen. Don’t forget about lighting and the amount of light you need in your kitchen. You need to make the appropriate planning to reach the best possible outcomes and make necessary changes to wall coverings, hardware and choose the appliances and accessories that reflect the modern trend.


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Window and Door Replacement

As a homeowner, window and doors replacement can be a little bit tricky. In fact, it can become confusing on your side if you are going to involve a contractor, big box store or anyone else on your project.

Whichever way you choose it is a good idea to consult with a professional at least once so you can make sure your project is heading in the right direction.

This is so helpful so that you will get first-hand information on how to find the right custom designed solutions for your premises. However, you need to consider the following factors when replacing windows and doors.

– Enhance energy efficiency
Is it your objective to minimize your home’s energy usage? There are windows and doors designed with the capability to effectively reduce heat loss from your home.

As a matter of fact, manufacturers have come up with a working solution through the production of top quality materials to meet your expectations.
Therefore, it is time you explored a whole range of materials with glass options to keep your home more comfortable across the year.
In addition, you may consider some installation techniques that are appropriate for your window and door replacement.

– Improve comfortability in your house
The new windows and doors with an appropriate installation can solve thermal comfort issues.

Even though other factors such as home cooling/heating systems could have an impact on the comfort of your home, windows, and doors can also play a more significant role in making your home comfortable.

– Change the appearance of your home
Perhaps, your primary goal is to change the look or appearance of your home. If that is the case, well, replacement of windows and doors should be at the back of your mind.

Besides, the appearance can be altered by proposing a completely different arrangement or configuration of windows and doors.

Use of different frame colors, trim among other aesthetic changes can be an added advantage to the new look of your house.

– Venture into the new technology in the market
Also, you may wish to have windows and doors that enhance security in your home.

Use of technology could be a perfect option to make your house burglar-proof and your windows resistant to forced entry.

Objectively, you can do so by making a replacement and at the same time, you include security features.

– Replace Worn Out Windows and Doors
With the time of usage, windows and doors get worn out or damaged. Despite the fact that they can still be operable, they can be problematic in the future.
If not replaced in time, old windows and doors could lose insulation thus becoming prone to fogging as well as icing.

Furthermore, they might create warm or cool spots which as a result, make your home not that comfortable.

To avert this kind of situation, it is important that you consider replacing them as soon as possible.



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Enclosing a Garage

When your family grows bigger, it requires that you get extra space to enable you to accommodate all the family members well. The first thought that one will have is how he or she can turn the garage into a room that can be used by the family. Not every person has the ability to set a garage into an appropriate space that can be used by the family.

One should know the steps to take to enclose the garage excellently. The following is a step by step procedure that you can use to enclose your garage at home so that you have one extra room to accommodate your increasing family.

Coming up with a blueprint
The first step that you need to put in place is coming with a design that will guide you through the whole process. You need to draw an action plan so that you know all the steps that you will take during the project. You also need to know all the resources that you will need to enclose the garage so that you do not waste a lot of time trying to get the items during the project. You also need to go to the relevant authorities so that you know the permits you need to start the work. This is to ensure that you follow all the legal requirements as required by the government.

Remove the door of the garage
Once you have the entire plan and all the documents and permits that relate to such a construction, you should go ahead and remove the door. The garage door cannot be used as a wall. It is the first thing that you have to remove so that you fill up space with an appropriate wall of your choice. You can choose to use a concrete wall to fill the space. Another option that you can use French doors with wooden lining. The decision to use windows will depend on whether you need the space to have a door or not. If you do not need any door for the new area, you can add windows on the wall structure.

Work on the interior of the room
Once you have completely covered the space with the option you chose, the next step is to work on the interior of the room. You can make wooden frameworks that you can use to build the interior walls. The function of the room will determine the number of the interior will you will need. You have to ensure that the framework fits from the floor to the ceiling of the room.

Finish up work on the walls and the ceiling
At this point, you are already done with covering the garage door; you have insulated the outside wall with drywall. The next step is to paint the room. The type of paint to use will also depend on the purpose of the room. Once this is done, you can go ahead and mud the walls to remove any marks that are visible. The ceiling, in most cases, does not need any attention. You can as well decide to paint them. Once you have followed all the steps following in enclosing an existing garage, your room will be ready for use.



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Easy Home Upgrades

Regardless of where people live, we are always trying to find ways to improve our homes, and not everyone can hire professionals all the time. Thanks to the internet, people can now share tips on how to DIY almost everything, and that involves home improvement projects. Not only are they easy to do, but it is also fun and gratifying when we accomplish our projects and having to spend a very minimal amount. Here are the top 5 ideas which you can try for home improvement.

Refurbishing – Did you know that for the price of a few screws and bolts and the proper tools, one can transform that beaten up chest in the attic and turn it into a chic coffee table? Or that a picture frame can be converted into a personalized wall clock? Get your creative juices flowing and turn junk into some show pieces you can be proud of. It gives your home a customized feel which reflects your style.

A paint job – Nothing breathes life into an old room my giving it an entirely new look with a fresh coat of paint. Update your interiors instantly by taking on this weekend home improvement project. Not only will it modernize the look of a home, but a fresh coat of the right paint color can also bring harmony to your existing style in your home.

Declutter – Set aside a particular day to inspect the contents of a room. Unless we live in a house which is the size of a museum, a periodic purge and declutter schedule will improve living conditions. Take a look at that teacup collection of yours. Got too many? Select the best pieces to showcase and then get rid of the rest.

Did you keep that broken coffee maker in the hopes that one day you will get it fixed? Well, if you haven’t gotten a new one by now, which I’m pretty sure you already did, then get to fix it ASAP or get rid of it. Set-up a garage sale and make money out of the things you do not need. Your family will thank you for it, and you will also get to make a few extra bucks.

Use a skill – Remember when grandma insisted that you learn how to sew curtains? Take out that dusty sewing machine and get it cranking. For the price of a bolt of cloth, a few skills and a bit of time, you can give your windows the best-personalized window treatment ever.

Floor treatment – Tired of seeing that moldy, dusty carpet from the 1960’s? Rip it off and see what lies beneath. Provided that you don’t rip out your entire floor, there is a huge chance that the carpet is hiding wooden floors. Give your floors a little bit of love by hiring someone who can sand it for you, or if you have the tools, that is another DIY within a DIY. Sanding will reveal natural wood grains which would look excellent when stained.

There is always room for improvement, with a little cash, a lot of patience and love, get to improving your home today.



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